Ju-Jitsu is the Martial art or Self Defence system of the Samurai, the aristocratic "warrior class" of feudal Japan.

Ju-Jitsu was kept secret by the Samurai until 1889, when it then became Japan's national system of physical training.

 Ju-Jitsu was first introduced to England in 1907 by a British engineer.  (Edward_William_Barton-Wright).

The purpose of Ju-Jitsu is to give practitioners the ability and self confidence to defend one's self against any opponent.
 The methods used place less emphasis on the need for weapons or physical strength.

Jujitsu covers striking and pressure to vital points, grappling, throwing, locks, strangles and escapes from holds.

Ju-Jitsu is based upon the principle of re-directing an assailants force against him, rather than using strength to oppose it.
 This means Ju-Jitsu can be used by anyone regardless of height, weight, sex or age to defend against a larger or stronger aggressor.

Ju-jitsu covers self-defense from many situations, not only from a standing scenario (strikes & grabs) where most attacks start,
but also teaches defence on the ground.

 Ju Jitsu teaches defence against an armed assailant using different types of weapons.

We teach Katho Ryu Ju Jitsu Style founded by Karl Thorpe.

 The name Katho Ryu was jointly created by Karl and G Koizumi the father of British judo. (G.K._Koizumi).

Uniquely we are the only club in Grimsby which has  incorporated some of the Brazillian Jui Jitsu advances in ground fighting in to our style.

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